The State Liaison Program was first organized in 1992 by the Vice President of SNRS at the request of the Board of Directors (BOD). Those in that role served the organization well but the BOD saw the need to formalize the activities of those in that role in 2006.

State Liaisons are to be SNRS members in good standing. They may volunteer or be nominated for their position by a member of the Society. They manage the membership for their respective state and serve as members of the Membership Committee under the Director of Membership, an elected BOD elected as director. The Director of Membership is chairperson of the SNRS Membership Committee and the State Liaison are the members of that committee.

Goals of the Program

The State Liaisons are selected to meet the following organizational goals:

  • To encourage membership in SNRS;
  • To improve communication between the Board and the membership;
  • To increase involvement of members in SNRS activities;
  • To assist with collecting information from the membership on issues or items of

If you have an interest in being a liaison for your state, please email

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SNRS State Liaisons as of March 2023


Mudasir Andrabi
The University of Alabama

Susan J. Appel
The University of Alabama

Sara Davis
University of South Alabama College of Nursing

Cody Shameka
The University of Alabama

Susan G. Williams
University of South Alabama


Cheryl Wells
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Rita deCassia Gengo
Florida Atlantic University

Lynn Rowe
AdventHealth University


Modup Adewuyi
Kennesaw State University

Mei-Lan Chen, PhD, RN
Georgia State University

Dr. Barbara (Jane) Garvin

Katie Morales
Tanner Health School of Nursing


JungHee Kang
University of Kentucky

Jennifer Miller
University of Kentucky


Jennifer Barrow
McNeese State University

Lisa Broussard
University of Louisiana


Susan Dorsey
University of Maryland


Lachel Story
The University of Southern Mississippi

North Carolina

Christa Jones-Hooker
UNC Health

South Carolina

Shannon Phillips
Medical University of South Carolina


Mona Newsome Wicks
University of Tennessee Health Science Center


Margaret Bosenbark
Texas A&M University

Amanda Garey
Texas Children’s/Texas Woman’s

Swapna Johncy
Texas Womans University

Ann H. Johnson
Texas Christian University

Tracie Walker Kirkland
University of Southern California/Memorial Hermann

Vanessa Monroe
Prairie View A&M University

Melika Naghavi
Texas Womans University


Lynn L. Wiles
Old Dominion University

Kyeunh Mi Oh
George Mason University

West Virginia


Student Network Representative

Chair – Lynn Rowe

Co-Chair – Katie Morales