Welcome to the Parent/Child RIIG

Welcome to the Parent/Child Research Interest and Implementation Group (RIIG) from Carin Adams, PhD, RN, CPN, Chair, and Linda Merritt, Co-chair. The Parent/Child RIIG is committed to facilitating the advancement of research for the care of parents and children. Nurse researchers play a pivotal role in providing high-quality, evidence-based care through the creation and dissemination of nursing research. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the advances made in regard to parents being seen as part of the healthcare team were challenged. The Parent/Child RIIG is dedicated to providing a forum to continue advancing health care for parents and children by promoting best practices, providing networking opportunities, sharing information, and providing support and inspiration to those interested in this area of research. We welcome all interested to join our RIIG- researchers, academicians, bedside nurses, clinicians, and students- and encourage all members to participate. Be sure to “sign-up” by logging into the Members-Only section and choose which RIIG(s) to join. There is no fee to participate as part of your membership benefits.

Chair: Carin Adams, PhD, RN, CPN
Co-chair: Linda Merritt

Contact Information:

Carin Adams, PhD, RN, CPN, 
Assistant Professor of Nursing, Texas Woman’s University
5500 Southwestern Medical Ave
Dallas, TX 75235


Linda Merritt, PhD, RNC-NIC, CNE
Assistant Professor of Nursing, Texas Woman’s University
5500 Southwestern Medical Ave
Dallas, TX 75235