The purpose of the SNRS Leadership Academy is to identify, engage, and nurture future generations of SNRS leaders. The Board will select up to six SNRS members to join this experiential leadership development opportunity designed for promising researchers in the southern region to help them learn more about the society, refine and strengthen leadership skills, create a personal leadership plan and receive board leadership mentoring. The program is aimed at individuals who are eligible to run for a board position. Being selected for this program does not guarantee you a position on the slate or on the board. Individuals will still need to be selected for the slate and officially elected per the bylaws.


• To increase the pool of SNRS members who are prepared to successfully lead the society.

• To increase the diversity of leaders in the society.

• To engage members in board leadership.


The President Elect will serve in the role of Facilitator for the Leadership Academy. The Facilitator is not necessarily the primary mentor. The Facilitator is responsible for making sure calls for nominations go out, that protégés are selected by the board, that the board selects a book each year for the program, mentor is assigned, protégé completes their Leadership Plan, etc.

Activities and Criteria

Individuals selected for the Leadership Academy will be required to:

o sit in on the Board of Directors regularly scheduled calls and the in-person meeting at the conference;

o Complete a year long mentorship with one of the board members;

o Participate in the leadership book club and attend all book club meetings;

o Schedule and participate in 1 to 2 meetings per month with individual SNRS Board members as outlined by the President Elect;

o Create a personal SNRS Leadership plan;

o Identify at least one activity on the Strategic Plan they will collaborate to achieve.

o In collaboration with fellow LA cohort members, complete a project of value to SNRS and its strategic goals and approved by the President Elect;

o Present the collaborative project at the following SNRS conference;

o Must be an active member of SNRS to apply.

Protégés upon completion of the program will be able to:

• Describe the function of each board position

• Describe the Strategic Plan

• Suggest meaningful changes to board position functions or Strategic Plan

• Discuss their role as a change agent on a Board of Directors

• Discuss their leadership strengths

• Discuss their areas for growth as a leader and a plan for addressing that potential

• Identify a potential leadership role for themselves within SNRS

• Effectively plan for taking a leadership role in SNRS (whether that is on the board or elsewhere such as state liaison or RIIG leader)

• Identify at least one activity on the Strategic Plan they will collaborate to achieve.

• Present their project report at the Annual SNRS Meeting

If you would like further information regarding the Leadership Academy, please email info@snrs.org.