CANS Call for Synthesis Papers

2018 State of the Science Congress on Precision Health
PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS DUE by October 20th, 2017

The Council invites teams of experts to present a critical synthesis of evidence in an area consistent with the State of the Science (SOS) theme: Precision Health. Precision Health is defined as: An emerging approach to individualizing healthcare. Precision health includes genomics and other physiological, psychological, environmental, and ethical factors that are central to the development and testing of individualized treatments and prevention strategies for persons, families, and communities.*

Each presentation will be 1 hour in length and should synthesize the state of the science, briefly describe policy implications, and recommend future research to further advance the science in the area of the review. Three proposals will be selected and authors are highly encouraged to submit their completed manuscripts to Nursing Outlook immediately following the SOS Congress.

If you have questions, contact the Chair of the Science Committee: Holli DeVon at 312-413-5362.

Interested teams are invited to complete the following proposal and submit via email by October 20, 2017 to Rachael James, CANS Manager, at



One inch margins, single spaced, Ariel, size 11 font


  1. Focal area - one sentence identifying focal area of the synthesis.
  2. Relevance - One paragraph that describes how this area relates to the conference theme, Precision Health.
  3. Authors - List the authors including names, credentials and email contacts. (Teams should be led by a senior scientist with recognized expertise in the topic area.) NIH biosketches for each author directly involved in writing the synthesis paper must also be attached.
  4. Justification - Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) describe the ability of the team to complete the synthesis by August 15, 2018 based on the expertise and resources available.

Proposals will be reviewed by the CANS Science Committee.

*DeVon, H. A., M. Rice, R. H. Pickler, C. A. Krause-Parello and T. S. Richmond, "Setting nursing science priorities to meet contemporary health care needs." Nursing Outlook 64(4): 399-401.

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