Health Systems/Health Policy

This RIG is a forum for members interested in health services and health policy research. We offer networking opportunities, peer support, and inspiration to others interested in this area of work and research. We welcome all interested parties t – researchers, clinicians, academicians, and students  –  to our RIG. Find out more in the Research Interest Groups (RIGs) section of the SNRS website.

The goal of the Health Systems/Health Policy RIG is to promote, encourage and supplement development of health services research that focuses on nursing practice, workforce, improvements in care quality and delivery in and across systems, as well as health policy. Future objectives for this RIG (as discussed at the last RIG meeting) include offering webinars and promoting individual and symposium submissions for health systems and health policy topics.


Co-Chair:  Michael Cary, PhD, RN

My name is Michael Cary and I am an Assistant Professor at the Duke University School of Nursing.  My research program focuses on improving health outcomes of older adults who use post-acute care services (e.g., Inpatient Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Facilities) due an injury and/or worsening illness with an emphasis on identification of risk management, quality measurement, and care coordination.  My currently funded work focuses on system outcomes including hospital readmission and successful community discharge following inpatient rehabilitation.  Specifically, through a granted funded by the Duke Clinical and Translational Sciences Award, I study multiple comorbid conditions (MCCs) among hip fracture patients treated in Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities to (1) identify subgroups of hip fracture patients with MCCs associated with higher risk for readmission so that targeted interventions can be developed, (2) support the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines specific to hip fracture patients with MCCs, and (3) shape performance-based payment to Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities based on risk-adjusted measures.  Learn more here:

Contact information:
Michael Cary, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing
Duke University School of Nursing
(919) 613-6031

Co-Chair: Jessica Peterson

Contact information
Jessica Peterson, PhD, RN
Senior Nurse Researcher
Center for EBP & Nursing Research
Ochsner Health System
1514 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, LA 70121
(504) 703-2208