Clinical Researcher Award

The purpose of the SNRS Clinical Researcher Award is to recognize the contribution of an individual (with greater than 50% of their appointment working as a researcher in a clinical setting) whose established program of research has enhanced the science and practice of nursing in the Southern Region. The goal of this policy is to establish procedures related to selecting the recipients and bestowing the Awards.

The recipient of the award shall be selected in accordance with the established award criteria:

  1. Demonstrates a robust program of research at a clinical agency.
  2. Shows consistent evidence of scholarly contributions to nursing knowledge.
  3. Demonstrates a sustained track record of clinical nursing research.
  4. Provides leadership for research in the clinical setting through role modeling, mentoring, and teaching.
  5. Provides documentation of contributions of research and research-related activities within the Southern region.

Nomination Procedure: The nomination form must be completed via the link on the SNRS webpage for this award. Nominations for this award must be made by a current SNRS member in the form of a nominations packet. The nominations packet must be submitted electronically per instructions on the SNRS website by the posted deadline (typically October 1st each year).  Faxed and incomplete packets will not be accepted. Only the materials specified for the packet will apply to the award review. All information submitted in the nomination packet becomes the property of SNRS and will not be returned.

The Nomination Packet should include following:

  1. One letter of nomination (self-nominations accepted) which outlines how the nominee meets the award criteria.
  2. Two (2) additional letters of recommendation, both from active SNRS members, which address the evaluation criteria above.  Each statement should be less than 500 words.
  3. The nominee's full Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Electronic copies of two (2) published or in-press research articles.
  5. Consent Statement to attend the Annual Conference to receive the award.

Selection Process: The SNRS Awards Committee will review all nomination packets and make recommendations to the SNRS Governing Board for final approval. Candidates must agree to attend the Award Ceremony at the Annual Conference to receive the award. Award recipients are responsible for their own expenses related to attendance at the annual conference.

Please click here to complete the Nomination Form.

Please click here to submit all other nominations materials.

Associated documents: Guidelines/score sheet for reviewers

Past Recipients of the Clinical Researcher Award:

2018 Mary Lou Affronti, DNP, RN, MHSc, ANP

2017 Kathie Zimbro, PhD, RN

2016 Susan Houston, PhD, RN, FAAN

2015 Karen L. Rice, DNS, APRN, ACNS-BC, ANP