AORN/SNRS Research Grant

Application Submission Dates: July 11 - August 31, 2020

The purpose of the AORN/SNRS collaborative grant is to support high-quality research studies that contribute to the development of the science of perioperative nursing. AORN/ SNRS grants promote diversity of research topics and support investigations that demonstrate scientific rigor to advance the field of perioperative nursing. All AORN research grants relate to the AORN Research Priorities. 

The AORN/SNRS Research Grant Award is for $10,000, with equal amounts provided by SNRS and AORN.

Additional information and the grant application is available here:


  1. Be a member in good standing of both AORN and SNRS. 

  2. Registered nurse with an unencumbered current license. 

  3. Must be currently working in a perioperative setting or proposing research that focuses on perioperative practice issues.

  4. Hold at minimum a master's degree or its equivalent or research focused doctoral degree in nursing. 

Applicants are ineligible if they have previously received AORN grant funding; are members of the AORN Nursing Research Committee or Board of Directors at the  time of application; and/or are members of the SNRS Grants Committee or Board of Directors at the time of application.

Submission guidelines

All applications must be submitted via the online submission system. Additionally, all submitted information must be in English. Applications sent in by other methods (i.e., US Postal Service, email, fax, etc.) will not be reviewed or considered for funding. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Applications must adhere to requirements for format, content, length limitations, and necessary supporting materials as outlined in the checklist below. Failure to follow the guidelines for preparation of the grant proposal will result in the application not being reviewed.

Format and style

  1. Use Times New Roman with 12-point font.

  2. Adhere to stated limit of 2,500 words for the body of the proposal. Proposals that exceed the word limit will not be reviewed.

Components of proposal

  • The body of the proposal should include the following:

    • Abstract (limited to 250 words or less)

    • Introduction to include:

      • Purpose statement to include a description of how the study is linked to the AORN Research Priorities

      • Background and relevant literature review

      • Research questions or hypotheses

      • Significance of study to perioperative nursing

    • Theoretical or conceptual framework or rationale

    • Methods

    • Design

    • Sampling approach – (to include type, size, recruitment procedures, and retention)

    • Procedures (include data collection plan and protection of human participants’ rights)

    • Instruments, including evidence of measurement reliability and validity (include copy of all instruments in Appendices)

    • Data management and analysis plan

    • Implications for perioperative nursing practice, education, management, and research

    • Plans for dissemination of results

  • Appendices must be uploaded to the proposal application as applicable. Legible scanned copies of requested forms will be accepted. None of the Appendices are included in the word limit for the proposal body.  Appendices should include:

    • Budget with justification for each category of expenses, using the AORN Budget Form. Do not include expenses incurred prior to submitting the grant application. 

    • Curricula vitae for:

      • the PI, 

      • each member of the research team and consultants,

      • faculty advisor, if the proposed study is a student research project

      • IRB approval letter, if the project involves human participants.  If IRB approval is pending, funding will be contingent upon applicant providing an IRB approval letter.

      • Letters of support from:

        • any consultants who will be involved in the project, and

        • any other researchers or institutions collaborating with the project, and

        • an administrator of the institution employing the PI or the supervising faculty member if the project is a student research study.

      • Data collection instruments, including scoring instructions

      • Copyright release or permission for use of instruments

      • List of references cited in the body of the proposal

      • Research timetable

      • Any Charts/Tables/Graphs that help illustrate proposal

Review Process and Criteria

Grant Award recipients are selected through a peer review process using the following criteria:

  1. Significance to Nursing

  2. Scientific merit

  3. Innovation

  4. Appropriateness of methodology given the research question

  5. Qualifications of the investigator (research team) to conduct study

  6. Qualifications of the investigator (research team) to conduct study 

  7. Adequacy of human subjects/animal protection 

All reviews will be administratively handled by AORN. AORN/SNRS Research Grant recipients are selected through a peer review process using the established criteria published on the AORN website. The Research Grants Committee Chair will recommend a recipient to the Board for action based upon the recommendation of the AORN review committee. Notification of award will be from AORN.