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The Aging/Gerontology Research Interest Group (RIG) is committed to facilitating the advancement of research for the care of older individuals. We recognize the importance of the nurse scientist’s role in providing older adults with high quality care through knowledge gained by research. More and more people are living longer, resulting in an unprecedented increase in the population of older adults in the United States and throughout the industrialized world. As the numbers of aged increase, so does the need for new and innovative approaches to guide and promote the care of healthy, chronically ill, and frail older people. We provide a forum for nurses and other healthcare providers interested in networking in the Southern Region of the U.S. to meet and connect, share information, promote best practices, identify nursing leadership, and link these together to build capacity for advancing the care of older adults.

SNRS Aging Research Interest Group

The Aging/Gerontology Research Interest Group invites abstracts of completed and ongoing research for a RIG sponsored symposia on the following topic:

Assessment and Management of Frailty in Older Populations

Growing evidence suggests that frailty is a distinct clinical syndrome resulting from diminished function across multiple physiologic systems. This heightens vulnerability to stressors and ultimately increases risks of morbidity and mortality. It is estimated that 3 to 7 percent of 65 to 75 year olds are considered “frail” but it increases to 20% for those over 80. Frailty is also a significant factor in hospitalization, falls, other accidents and nursing home placement.

Thus, interventions, combined with sensitive clinical indices for detecting changes in frailty, are needed to forestall the onset of disability, minimize health care costs and maintain the quality of life of older adults.

Guidelines for Submission:

Each abstract is limited to 2,250 characters for the text of the abstract.
Presentations will be selected on the basis of scientific merit by means of blind review.
There is no limit to the number of abstracts submitted; however, at least one of the coauthors must be a current SNRS member at the time the abstract is submitted and at the time of presentation.
Papers previously presented at an SNRS Conference or published in a refereed journal are not eligible. Research in progress that was previously presented as a poster is eligible for presentation in its completed form. Research that has been accepted for publication but is not in print at the time of the conference presentation is also eligible for presentation.
No information from the reviews will be available to authors.
The primary presenter must:

  1. Agree to present the research at the conference if selected.
  2. Register for the annual conference and assume responsibility for his/her own transportation, lodging and registration fees.
  3. Have current membership in SNRS.
  4. Give permission for duplication of the abstract in conference proceedings.

Please send abstracts via email to:
Place in the message the words—SNRS AGING RIG Symposia

Deadline for submission of abstracts:  May 21, 2010
Notification of abstract accceptance:  June 1, 2010.

Februay 4, 2010 RIG Meeting

Click here to read the February 4, 2010 Meeting Minutes.

RIG Awards and Eligibility Criteria

The overall purposes of the Aging/Gerontology Research Interest Group (RIG) awards are to recognize excellence in gerontological nursing research and to provide recognition for the work performed by our RIG members. At the request of our RIG members, we have added two awards this year. We encourage those that meet the criteria (following) to apply. Deadline for applications is November 15, 2010.

I.  Rising Investigator Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the contribution of a rising investigator who has conducted gerontological nursing research that has the potential to enhance the science and practice of gerontological nursing. Read more...

II. Distinguished Dissertation Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the contribution of a rising student-investigator who is conducting a dissertation in the area of gerontological nursing research that has the potential to enhance the science and practice of gerontological nursing. Read more...

III. Excellence in Geriatric Nursing Research Mid-Career Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the contribution of a mid-career investigator who has conducted gerontological nursing research that enhances the science and practice of gerontological nursing. Read more...

Hello and Greetings from our new RIG administration: Saunjoo "Sunny" Yoon, PhD, RN, RIG Chair, and Carol Enderlin, PhD, RN, Chair-Elect.

Sunny is an Associate Professor and 2001 John A. Hartford Summer Scholar from the University of Florida with research interests in complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) for older adults with chronic health problems. Her current study is focusing on CAM intervention to manage chronic pain and sleep disturbance in older adults.



Carol is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing and a 2006-2008 John A. Hartford pre-doctoral scholar from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Nursing. Her research interests are sleep in older women with cancer, and genes predictive of mucositis in patients with multiple myeloma.



It is our job to facilitate your SNRS experience by supplying a network of colleagues. To provide opportunities through SNRS--to share information, promote evidence-based practice and promote each other. We also identify nursing leaders in gerontology and are active in promoting health care policy for elder Americans and Nursing.

RIG Chair: Saunjoo "Sunny" Yoon
RIG Chair-elect: Carol Enderlin